December 2, 2005
Director of Media Relations

AMHERST, Mass.—Dominic L. Poccia, the Rufus Tyler Lincoln Professor of Biology at Amherst College, has been appointed associate editor for reproductive biology for the Journal of Experimental Zoology, beginning in 2006.

As associate editor, Poccia will have responsibility for soliciting manuscripts and monitoring reviews in reproductive biology and advising on membership of the editorial board. He will soon publish an editorial outlining new directions for the section consistent with the aims of the revamped journal, expanding coverage into genomic, experimental and population studies and modeling, emphasizing the contribution of molecular variation to functional performance. Poccia has been a reviewer and assistant editor with the reproductive biology section since 1995.

The Journal, initially organized by the eminent biologists T.H. Morgan and E.B. Wilson of Columbia University, recently celebrated a century of publication. A reorganization of the editorial board was prompted by the retirement last year of Frank Ruddle of Yale after 20 years as editor-in-chief.

Educated at Union College and Harvard University and a member of the Amherst College faculty since 1978, Poccia is in his 10th year as an associate editor of the journal Molecular Reproduction and Development. A recent Fulbright scholar whose teaching and research explore nuclear transformations of the sea urchin sperm during spermatogenesis and following fertilization, Poccia also plays jazz saxophone and clarinet.