With Chávez Absent, Venezuela Now Governed by Two Leaders, Says Amherst Poli Sci Prof

January 22, 2013

Presidential Inauguration Day: For citizens of the U.S. and most other democracies, the event signifies either a peaceful transfer of power to another administration or the opportunity for a re-elected president to make cabinet changes. But in Venezuela, this year’s presidential inauguration day, Jan. 10, was mired in controversy.

A rape roils India, and two Amherst experts weigh in

2013 Campus Flu Updates

Submitted on Tuesday, 1/15/2013, at 4:18 PM

Health Center Director Offers Tips for Staying Flu-Free

What follows is an email sent on Jan. 15 by Warren Morgan, director of the Keefe Student Health Center:

Dear students,

Whether you are already on campus or are planning your return, you may be aware that we are having a vigorous and early flu season.  In order to keep the number of flu cases at the College to a minimum, we urge you to take the following preventative actions: