With Chávez Absent, Venezuela Now Governed by Two Leaders, Says Amherst Poli Sci Prof

January 22, 2013

Presidential Inauguration Day: For citizens of the U.S. and most other democracies, the event signifies either a peaceful transfer of power to another administration or the opportunity for a re-elected president to make cabinet changes. But in Venezuela, this year’s presidential inauguration day, Jan. 10, was mired in controversy.

A rape roils India, and two Amherst experts weigh in

January 18, 2013

Interview by Caroline Hanna

Like many, Amherst faculty members Amrita Basu, the Domenic J. Paino 1955 Professor of Political Science and Women’s and Gender Studies, and Assistant Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies Krupa Shandilya reacted with shock, horror and anger at the recent news of the gang rape and subsequent death of a young woman in New Delhi.

2013 Campus Flu Updates

Submitted on Tuesday, 1/15/2013, at 4:18 PM

Health Center Director Offers Tips for Staying Flu-Free

What follows is an email sent on Jan. 15 by Warren Morgan, director of the Keefe Student Health Center:

Dear students,

Whether you are already on campus or are planning your return, you may be aware that we are having a vigorous and early flu season.  In order to keep the number of flu cases at the College to a minimum, we urge you to take the following preventative actions: