Two New Initiatives Expand College Efforts to Prevent and Report Sexual Misconduct

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October 8, 2014

Two new Amherst College initiatives are expanding the ways students and others can prevent and report sexual misconduct on campus.

“Innovation Trek” Introduces Students to Entrepreneurship, Silicon Valley

October 20, 2014

By Isa Goldberg ’17


Participants in the Innovation Trek program paused for a picture during an event in Northern California.

During the October mid-semester break, the Amherst College Career Center premiered its new Innovation Trek program. The initiative brought a group of 12 students—from different majors and class years—to Silicon Valley for several days of networking, site visits, panel discussions, receptions, and group reflection with business leaders and more than 25 alumni.

Jazz@Schwemm’s: “Music Without an Agenda”

October 24, 2014

By Madeline Ruoff ’18


A recent Jazz@Schwemm’s performance

In 2007, then-senior Alex Rodriguez was determined to bring more visibility to jazz at Amherst. With the help of Bruce Diehl, senior lecturer in music and director of jazz performance, and Dominic Poccia, Rufus Tyler Lincoln Professor of Biology, he created Jazz@Schwemm’s, now in its eighth year. The month-long series brings jazz professionals to perform alongside student musicians at Schwemm’s Coffee House. This semester, performances take place at 9 p.m. on Wednesdays in October.

Gender Matters: New Book Explores the “Coeducation of the Faculty”

October 16, 2014



A new book that explores the heartbreaking and inspiring stories of the first female professors at Amherst gives insight into the evolution of gender equity in society and on campus. The experiences described in Gender Matters: The First Half-Century of Women Teaching at Amherst—such as being given a starting salary less than that of a husband “so as not to upset the stability of the marriage”—serve as a reminder as to just how much the College has changed in a generation.

The French Reinvention: How Two Professors Elevated a Major

October 17, 2014

By William Harvey ’18


Professors Jay Caplan and Leah Hewitt

Two French professors are preparing to retire after a 30-year run that reinvigorated their department after 40 years of low enrollment. Leah Hewitt will retire after this semester, and Jay Caplan will retire in spring 2016.

Amherst Same-Sex Marriage Expert: Equality ”Inevitable” in Next Few Years

October 17, 2014

By Madeline Ruoff ’18


Amherst Professor Martha Umphrey

The Supreme Court’s decision to let stand appeals court decisions regarding same-sex marriage this October has catalyzed the removal of gay marriage bans across the nation. Amherst professor Martha Umphrey, an expert on the legal issues around gay marriage, gives her analysis on what this means for the future of marriage equality in the United States.