Twitter War

How do you top a boast by a purple cow? By showing some Mammoth pride, of course!

That’s the sentiment behind a friendly rivalry, based on a fundraising challenge, that has been spilling over to Twitter this week.

The annual Biggest Little Challenge, now in its seventh year, pits Williams and Amherst College alumni (from the 15 youngest classes of each school) in a head-to-head fundraising contest for the first 11 days of November.

Last year, Amherst raised 1,638 gifts with the help of 202 volunteers and won the challenge.  

That’s despite Williams having their highest participation ever last year—a detail that set off a war of memes and hashtags on Twitter, with even alumni jumping in to comment.

 Amherst is looking to continue the streak this year and has until Nov. 12 to bring in the most gifts and beat Williams. (Again.)