Meet our new faculty members! For the 2020-21 academic year, Amherst will welcome 25 researchers, musicians, artists, writers and lecturers across 17 different departments and programs. One of them is an Amherst alum; another is a Hampshire College graduate; and still others hold degrees from institutions as far away as Alaska, Russia and Australia.
Among the 10 new tenure-line assistant professors, topics of inquiry and teaching range from the regulation of emotions, to the melting of glaciers, to the religious groups of the ancient Roman world.  
10 new faculty members at Amherst College 2020
(top row: l to r) Brittney Bailey, Rebecca Falcasantos, Rebecca Hewitt, Nicholas Holschuh, Sally Kim; (bottom row: Elizabeth Kneeland, Shayla Lawson, Jacob Olshansky, Mona Wu Orr, Will Rosenbaum

Brittney E. Bailey, assistant professor of statistics.  B.A. (2010) Messiah College; M.S. (2012), Ph.D. (2018) Ohio State University.

Polina Barskova, visiting associate professor of Russian.  B.A. (1998) St. Petersburg State University; M.A. (2003), Ph.D. (2006) University of California at Berkeley.

Stephen F. Cartier, lecturer in Chemistry.  B.S. (1985) Boston College; Ph.D. (1995) Pennsylvania State University.

Fiona Dixon, visiting instructor in Spanish.  B.A. (2011) Wayne State University; M.A. (2013), Ph.D. (expected 2020) University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Odette England, artist-in-residence in art and the history of art.  B.A. (1995), M.A. (2002) University of South Australia at Adelaide; M.A. (2012) Rhode Island School of Design; Ph.D. (2018) The Australian National University.

Ndifreke Ette, visiting assistant professor of political science and consortium for faculty diversity post-doctoral fellow.  M.A. (2012) Louisiana State University; Ph.D. (2018) University of Houston.

Rebecca Stephens Falcasantos, assistant professor of religion.  B.A. (2002) Creighton University; M.A. (2005) University of Notre Dame; Ph.D. (2015) Brown University.

Rebecca E. Hewitt,* assistant professor of environmental studies.  B.A. (2005) Middlebury College; Ph.D. (2014) University of Alaska at Fairbanks.

Nicholas D. Holschuh, assistant professor of geology.  B.A. (2011) Carleton College; Ph.D. (2016) Pennsylvania State University.

Noah Horn, visiting director of the choral music program.  B.A. (2007) Oberlin College; M.M. (2010), M.M. (2012), M.MAR (2013), D.MAR. (2017) Yale University.

Jallicia A. Jolly,  postdoctoral fellow and visiting assistant professor of American Studies and Black Studies.  B.A. (2014) Williams College; M.A. (2016), Ph.D. (2020) University of Michigan.

Kirun Kapur, visiting writer in English.  A.B. (1997) Amherst College; M.A. (2000) Boston University.

Sally A. Kim, assistant professor of biology.  B.A. (1993) Haverford College; Ph.D. (2005) University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. 

Elizabeth Tepe Kneeland, assistant professor of psychology.  A.B. (2010) Amherst College; M.S. (2015), M.Phil. (2016), Ph.D. (2018) Yale University.

Shayla I. Lawson, assistant professor of English.  B.A. (2006) University of Kentucky at Lexington; M.F.A. (2015) Indiana University at Bloomington.

Jacob Olshansky, assistant professor of chemistry.  B.S. (2012) Haverford College; Ph.D. (2017) University of California at Berkeley.

Sarah Piazza, lecturer in Spanish.  B.A. (2006) University of Oregon; M.A. (2008) Pacific University; MA. (2011), M.Phil. (2013), M.Phil. (2014), Ph.D. (2016) Yale University.

Phoebe Ann Porter,* visiting lecturer in Spanish.  B.A. (1975) Bryn Mawr College; M.A. (1980), Ph.D. (1985) Brown University.

Katherine A. Pukinskis, Joseph E. and Grace W. Valentine visiting assistant professor of music.  B.A. (2008), M.M. (2010) Carnegie Mellon University; Ph.D. (2016) University of Chicago.

Connor Robinson, Five College astronomy department education research fellow.  B.A. (2014) University of Montana; M.A. (2016), Ph.D. (expected 2020) Boston University.

William Rosenbaum, assistant professor of computer science.  B.A. (2009) Reed College; M.A. (2011), Ph.D. (2016) University of California at Los Angeles.

Lise Shapiro Sanders, visiting professor of English.  B.A. (1992) Hampshire College; M.A. (1994), Ph.D. (1999) University of Chicago.

Ashley Sandoval, center for humanistic inquiry fellow and visiting lecturer in American studies.  B.A. (2008) San Francisco State University; M.A. (2013) University of Cincinnati; Ph.D. (2019) Northwestern University.

Rachel Tapley, visiting lecturer in French.  B.A. (2007) Centre College; M.A. (2010), Ph.D. (2016) University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Rebecca R. Totton, visiting assistant professor of psychology.  B.S. (2012) University of Evansville; M.A. (2013) University of Chicago; Ph.D. (2020) Ohio University at Athens.

Mona Wu Orr, assistant professor of biology.  B.A. (2007) Johns Hopkins University; Ph.D. (2016) University of Maryland at College Park.

*Starting in January 2021