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Be well, Mammoths. Amherst misses you already. . #amherstcollege #tusksup #AmherstProud
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For the latest updates, please follow the link in our profile. . #amherstcollege #coronavirus #COVID19
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A Conversation with Susan Choi and Laila Lalami - Amherst College LitFest 2020

Join Professor Judith Frank, in conversation with National Book Award recipient Susan Choi and finalist Laila Lalami. This event free and open to the public, ...
March 6 at 9:45 am
Writing the White House: Ben Rhodes and Andy Ward - Amherst College LitFest 2020

Join Obama aide Ben Rhodes, author of the best-selling book The World As It Is, and his Random House editor, Andy Ward '94, in discussion with host Cullen ...
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LitFest 2020 Our favorite words. Read the article at the link on our profile page. . Photos by Jiayi Liu and #MariaStenzel . #amherstcollege #read #fiction #history @commonmag @nationalbookfoundation #litfest
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