I notice that Baccalaureate is scheduled for Saturday morning at 10. What is Baccalaureate, and should we attend? The baccalaureate celebration has a long-standing tradition in American colleges and universities. Originally a Christian service, it is now a multi-faith gathering that includes music, readings, an address and sometimes dance. The baccalaureate is planned by a committee of graduating seniors in conjunction with Religious and Spiritual Life staff, and the speaker is selected by the students. The aim is to have a celebration that is respectful and authentic. The service is well-attended, and many families have commented on the meaningful experience. Graduating seniors have a prominent role.

What are “Conversations with Honored Guests?” Each year, Amherst honors a small number of guests with honorary doctoral degrees. Each of these honored guests has an opportunity to address the graduating seniors and their families in an informal talk on Saturday. Families have an opportunity to hear three different speakers during the day. The speakers are announced in the spring. 

Do many people attend the president's reception in the garden of the president’s house? This is a very popular event and many families and students attend, as well as faculty and members of the administration. Light refreshments will be served. It is an opportunity to mingle in an informal atmosphere and celebrate life at Amherst. 

Where can I get tickets to the Choral Society Concert on Saturday night? Tickets can be purchased at Commencement Headquarters until 7 p.m. on Saturday night. After 7 p.m. tickets are available in the lobby of the Arms Music Center prior to the performance.