Do I need tickets for admission to any of the Commencement events? Tickets are not necessary for any of the Saturday events. If we have good weather on Sunday, no tickets are needed for the Commencement ceremony and seating is unlimited. If severe weather forces the ceremony indoors, tickets will be required.

Why are tickets required for indoor seating in inclement weather? The LeFrak Gymnasium isn't large enough to accommodate everyone on campus for Commencement. Some time ago, when Commencement was held indoors, we didn't use tickets; it was strictly first-come, first-served. As a result, some families had 12 people in LeFrak, while other families had none. After that year, to guarantee that each senior would have some guests in LeFrak, a ticket system was established.

If LeFrak Gymnasium isn't large enough to accommodate everyone, why doesn't the college have Commencement somewhere else? LeFrak Gym is the largest indoor location on campus. The only on-campus site large enough to accommodate all Commencement guests is outdoors. We hold Commencement outdoors if at all possible, moving indoors only in the case of truly severe weather.

How do you determine the number of tickets issued to each senior? We take the legal occupancy of LeFrak and subtract the number of people required to be there (seniors, faculty, trustees, ushers, etc.). The remaining number is divided by the number of seniors. This year, each senior will receive three tickets, and each senior has an opportunity to receive one of approximately 140 additional tickets that will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis (one per senior) beginning at 1 p.m. on Friday of Commencement Weekend.

How can I get tickets? Tickets are issued to graduating seniors starting on Friday of Commencement Weekend at 1 p.m. at Commencement Headquarters at the Alumni House. Using their campus identification cards, seniors can pick up three tickets. There is also an opportunity to pick up an additional ticket (one per senior) on a first-come, first-served basis until the supply runs out. 

What if I lose my ticket? Tickets cannot be replaced. If there is severe weather, guests without tickets will be able to watch the event from Coolidge Cage.

What if the graduating senior does not need all three tickets? Seniors are advised not to throw the tickets away. Tickets can be given to classmates; seniors should let others know if there are spare tickets.

What do guests without tickets do? Guests without tickets may watch a video simulcast of Commencement in the Coolidge Cage, adjacent to LeFrak. The viewing screen is 14 feet by 10 feet and the image is so clear that the audience can actually see each graduate receive his or her diploma. The ceremony will also be livestreamed on the web, and photos and audio clips will be available on the website after Commencement.

My graduating senior didn't know anything about tickets. How is this communicated? Seniors are notified about tickets and ticket distribution through e-mail announcements and through the college's website. In addition, information on tickets is announced at the mandatory Commencement rehearsal on Friday afternoon of Commencement Weekend.