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E Dinner

Students graduating in the fall of the 2015-16 school year, the 2016Es, will have a celebratory dinner at Lewis Sebring Dining Commons on Dec.11, 2015 (tentative date). The dinner is a precursor to the Commencement events and all Es are urged to attend. The invitations with more information, details and procedures are sent in November.

Each graduate is entitled and encouraged to invite two guests - family, friends, faculty or staff - to attend the dinner. Additional guests, particularly family members, are accommodated to the extent possible. On the E dinner form students are asked to provide the names of the primary guests as well as the names of any additional desired guests by Nov. 30, so that we may, as quickly as possible, determine the number of additional guests that can be invited.

The reception begins at 6:30 p.m. in the Lewis Sebring Dining Commons and the dinner begins at 7:15 p.m. All guests must be pre-registered by the graduating student on the form noted above.

Although there are some ceremonial aspects to the dinner, it is primarily a celebratory event. E graduates are most definitely included in the formal May Commencement exercises and are encouraged to return to campus with family and friends for the full array of Commencement activities.

After you received the invitation, and if there are for further questions on the fall celebration dinner, please call Patricia Allen in the events office at 413/542-8094.

December Departure

2016Es should vacate the dormitories by 5 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 19, 2015. Questions on departure times can be addressed to the Office of Residential Life, reslife@amherst.edu or by calling 413/542-2161.  

Future Communications

All future student Commencement communications are done by e-mail to the Amherst College e-mail address, even though the Es may have left campus. We ask that the Es continue to check their e-mail for upcoming events for the class.

  • Swift Moore Teaching Award Nominations
  • Online Nominations for Student Speaker and Honorary Class Members
  • Attendance and Regalia Information
  • Senior Speakoff
  • Senior Assembly and Senior Dinner
  • Commencement Rehearsal

The Registrar's Office reminds students that their U.S. Postal address should be kept up to date. During the academic year the address of the student and their families can be updated by e-mailing the Registrar's Office or by calling them at 413/542-2226. After May, addresses should be updated by e-mailing the Alumni Office or by calling them at 413/542-2313.

Commencement Accommodations

The Es will receive an e-mail, and the families of E graduates will receive a U.S. Postal mailing, in late fall regarding accommodations on campus during the Commencement Weekend. Rooms are offered at a nominal fee, and reservations cannot be taken until after the mailing.

Es are also eligible for Commencement accommodations for the weekend at no charge. We will e-mail more detailed information in late February, early March.


If there are any questions on any Commencement events, please e-mail the Commencement director, Patricia Allen, or call her at 413/542-8094.