Space Request


E-mail will be sent to graduating students when space reservation process is open.

Early submissions will not be accepted

This form is the first step for reserving a space for your gathering on Friday, May 20th or Saturday, May 21st. Once the reservation process is open, graduating students will receive an e-mail and reservation requests will be accepted. There is an e-mail confirming the submission. You will then be notified of your confirmed site via e-mail from the events department.

Your space/tent reservation is contingent upon the completion of the Contract for Use of On-campus Space and its submission within 30 days of your reservation request. The contract should be returned to:

Amherst College Events Department
Office of Communications
AC #2202, PO Box 5000
Amherst, MA 01002-5000

As part of the agreement, Amherst College requires liability insurance.We recommend that you complete the reservation process prior to finalizing the procurement of insurance for your party.

Below is a listing of approved tent sites based on 20' by 20' tent sizes. Some areas can accommodate larger tents but at the expense of utilizing an additional space. All approved tent vendors can be found on the contract for on-campus parties.


Mayo-Smith - 1                                 Seelye - 3
Hitchcock - 1   Porter - 1
Garman - 1   Lipton - 1
Cohan - 2   Charles Drew - 1
Webster Circle - 3    


feet (if tent exceeds 20' by 20', more space needs to be reserved.)
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