Medal for Eminent Service

John S. Middleton ’77 is one of Amherst’s most dedicated graduates, having served for nearly 30 years as a strong, leaderly volunteer. Fiercely private and unfailingly modest, he has quietly and consistently shunned the spotlight, concentrating instead on supporting his alma mater and inspiring others to do the same. 

Middleton values family above all else, and Amherst is well represented among his kin. The proud son of an Amherst father—and brother to an Amherst sister and her Amherst husband—Middleton heads his family’s business, which includes McIntosh Inns, Bradford Holdings, and Double Play, Inc. Outside of work, much of his free time is spent with his wife, Leigh, and his two children, John and Frances.

If family is Middleton’s first priority, Amherst is his second. Chair of his Tenth Reunion and a key figure in his Twenty-Fifth, he has served his class as president and as an associate agent, and he led the Society of Alumni during 2001-02. An active host for college events in his hometown of Philadelphia, he has given generously to his alma mater.

He honors Amherst by allowing the College to honor him.