Opening Convocation 2004

President Anthony W. Marx addressed faculty, students and guests at

Opening Convocation on Monday, Sept. 6, 2004. Honorary M.A. degrees were awarded to two faculty members who recently reached the rank of full professor: Nicola Courtright, Professor of Fine Arts, and Cynthia Damon, Professor of Classics. Read the full text of President Marx's address.


The following audio clips comprise President Marx's entire speech, "Founding Ideals and Current Threats."

  1. "...can we not become even more representative in our admissions, particularly as to economic and global background?" MP3 742k
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  2. "The tension between inclusive ideals and prejudicial exclusions was there at the very start, and remained." MP3 875k
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  3. "Our goal as participants in history is not to resist change but rather to shape it." MP3 998k
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