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Amherst College Policies For External Grants and Contracts

When you are considering preparing a grant proposal, make sure that you are familiar with the College's policies on external funding applications for research. Please consult Amherst's comprehensive guide to applying for and administering grants.

Financial Conflict of Interest

Academic Financial Conflict of Interest

Financial Disclosure policy

Intellectual Property policy

Disclosure of Significant Financial Interest Form

Internal Approval Process and Requirements
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Internal Endorsement process

Faculty Leaves, Fellowships, Research and Professional Support policies

Grant Routing Form

Express Grant Routing Form

Animals and Human Subjects

Institutional Review Board (IRB) policies

IACUC (animal and human subjects) Policy

Amherst Compliance Committees

Responsible Conduct of Research

Amherst RCR Training

CITI Instructions for Researchers

Scientific Research Misconduct/ Conflict of Interest policy

Post-Award Procedures & Policies

Amherst Research Participants Costs Policy

Records management policy



Export Controls