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Instructions for CITI Training Course Modules

CITI recently upgraded their website. We are updating the Amherst College online instructions to reflect these changes. Please use this link for registration instructions provided by CITI.

To begin the CITI Training Program, you will be required to supply information through a series of successive pages, which are shown in the screen shots, below:

Creating your account

You will first need to select "Amherst College" as the participating institution,


Completing member info

Select the department with which you will be affiliated, and provide the name of your research advisor.


Selecting curriculum

If you are unsure about which curriculum to select, please confer with your research advisor.



Click "no" here, unless you are working on a collaborative project where you are affiliated with another institution.


CITI Main Menu

Begin the first course by clicking on "enter."


Course Modules

You will need to complete the "research assurance statement" before proceeding to your first training module.

6 Modules