police officers seated around tables at a diversity training

Meet Us

John B. Carter, Executive Director of Safety and Chief of Police

Jeffrey Shea - Senior Sergeant 
Jeffery Edwards
Damion Shanley  
Cara Sullivan - Detective Sergeant

Police Officers:
Matthew Brown - Senior Police Officer
Marleigh Strait - Detective
Luis Santamaria                                                       Joseph Brunelle                                        

Part-Time Police Officers:
Michael Lenart 
Gerald Perwak
Brian Johnson
Jessica Kirby 

Almaida Aviles - Supervisor
Andrew Judge
Cameron Barnes 
Xavier Godette 

Part-Time Dispatchers:
Mackenzie McCarthy

Community Service Officers:
Carlos Lucas
Bibi Ramirez
Merouane Daffar
Erik Kniffin
Ethan Haut
James Brown
Cadell Getty 

Part-Time Community Service Officers:
Gregory Deschenes
Andrew Sieracki

Comfort Dog: 



Join our team! See our Employment Opportunities and learn why Amherst College is a great place to work. 

a police officer high-fives a student passing by

Employment Opportunities

See current openings and learn why Amherst College is a great place to work.

Our Bike Patrol

an Amherst police officer talks with students on the quad

Amherst College Police officers have been patrolling the campus, lots, bike paths, and surrounding wooded areas on mountain bicycles since 1994.

The Bike Patrol has proven to be highly beneficial to interaction between the officers and the campus community. The officers ride as weather allows, from March until late November.

We’re easily identified as police officers by our blue polo shirts, which have an embroidered badge and the word “Police” on the back, as well as the department patch on the sleeve. In cooler weather, the officers are assigned highly visible blue jackets with “Police” on the back. 

The bicycles are black with white police lettering and are equipped with nightime lighting and a rack to carry equipment. 

We welcome the opportunity to talk with our students, faculty, and staff around campus while on patrol. 

Moose the Comfort Dog

Moose, the Amherst College Police Comfort Dog, joined the Amherst College Police department in January 2022. Moose lives with her handler and partner, Detective Marleigh Strait. Together, they are in training to become a certified therapy-dog team. Moose can often be seen around campus at sporting events, hanging out in the Campus Center, or comforting students, faculty, and staff in the library.

Follow Moose on Instagram at @moosetheacpdcomfortdog to keep up with her and to request a visit with her! She would love to see you!

Moose the comfort dog with two students wearing mammoth costumes
Moose the comfort dog with the student medical response ACEMS team
Moose the comfort dog with a college police officer
Moose the comfort dog with two college police officers