Amherst College Police

Student Security/Safe R-I-D-E

Student Security Assistants

The Campus Police Department employs Amherst College students in various civilian capacities. Students perform clerical duties, assist with the enforcement of parking regulations, the patrolling of the campus, and the securing of college buildings.

Although Student Security Assistants have no police authority, they are equipped with 2-way radios, which enable them to report instantly all incidents involving suspicious or criminal activity.

Any Amherst College student interested in applying for such a position should come to the Campus Police Office during business hours.

Lock Outs

Student Security employees will assist students in gaining access to their rooms when inadvertently locked out. Student Security signs a single key out from the Campus Police Dispatch, performs the service and returns the key. During hours that Student Security is not available, Campus Police and/or Custodial Staff will assist students. There is a five dollar fee for this service by Campus Police and Student Security .


Student Security Assistants operate an escort service on campus between the hours of 7:00 p.m. - 2:00 a.m. nightly during the academic year. For personal safety, students, staff and faculty are encouraged to use this service by calling Safe R-I-D-E (x7433).