There are a number of emergency telephones located around the campus to facilitate the reporting of crimes or to request assistance from Amherst College Police. The telephones are identified by a blue light and direct dial the Anherst College Police when the emergency button is pushed. Telephones are located in the following areas:

Alumni Parking Lot  - center of lot closest to Cohan
Alumni Gymn - front entrance
Kirby Theater - near the walk to Appleton
Converse Parking Lot - near bus stop
Frost Library - at entrance
Fayerweather Quad - on pole between Chapin and Fayerweather
Hills Parking Lot - on gray barn
Hills Parking Lot - at College Street Entrance
Johnson Chapel - on quad side of the building
Johnson Chapel - on the west side of the building
Memorial Hill - at top of hill
O'connel Parking Lot - on gray barn
Physical Plant - at front entrance
Pratt Field - field house
Social Dorms - on Schoolhouse
Tennis Courts - on storage shed
Marsh Dorm Walkway - halfway between Lessey St and Marsh
Charles Pratt - between Charles Pratt and Seeley Mudd
Merrill Science - between Merrill Science and Campus Center
Moore Dormitory - College Street side by Valentine
Music Building - College Street side by lot entrance
Newport House - Northampton Road side by the sidewalk
Plaza Dorm - Northeast Corner
Waldorf Dorm - Northwest Corner
Newport - by Northampton Road
Religious Center - 38 Woodside Dr
Gooding Field - Walkway
Whalen House - Parking Lot by Softball Field