Operation Identification is a nationwide crime prevention program. The program involves the permanent marking of valuables with a unique number, symbol or combination, recording of identification information, and affixing a decal to the exterior of your residence warning potential thieves that the property is registered with the police. This program not only deters theft by making stolen property more difficult to sell and easier to identify, but also expedites insurance claims in the event of a loss.

The program is open to all members of the Amherst College community, and all students, faculty and staff are encouraged to participate.

The program works as follows:

  1. Come to the Police Department during business hours and you will be provided with the following:
    • An electric engraver and/or diamond pen. You will be required to sign for these items and to return them within three days.
    • A property inventory sheet on which you record identification information for each item of value.
    • Operation Identification warning decal(s) which can be affixed to the entrance(s) of your residence.
  2. Engrave your number on all moveable items of value.
  3. Methodically inventory the contents of each room and record pertinent identification information on the property inventory sheet.
  4. Return the electric engraver and/or diamond pen, along with your completed inventory sheet to the Police Department. The property sheet will be kept on file for your future reference in case of loss.