We Offer Assistance Throughout the Semester

The academic year has a flow and we find that there are common needs and some commonly used resources at each time of the semester but please feel free to contact us for any teaching need at any time—there is no question too small or challenge too big.  We are here to help you reach your goals for teaching. Please visit our consultations page to find out more about consultation services we provide or to schedule a consultation. Please visit our teaching resources pages for an A - Z list of resources to support your teaching.

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Pre-Semester Semester Begins Mid-Semester Semester Ends Post-Semester

Course Design


Syllabus Design

"How to Teach a Good First Day of Class" (Chronicle)


Inclusive Curricular Practices (HSTEM)

Engage in Mid-Term Assessment


Toolbox for Difficult Dialogues

This is a time to help students process their learning.

Meet with us to better understand your students' feedback.


Consider writing about your teaching.