"The growth of any craft depends on shared practice and honest dialogue amongst the people who do it. We grow by trial and error, to be sure—but our willingness to try and fail, as individuals is severely limited when we are not supported by a community that encourages such risks.”             —Parker Palmer, The Courage to Teach (1998, p. 144)


Teaching A January Term Course: A Conversation (2021)

Wednesday, November 10th, 4 - 5pm

It's that time again! The fall weather is here and our January intensive semester is approaching. We had several faculty reach out hoping to connect with other colleagues to discuss strategies for effectively and joyfully teaching during the January term so we have put together a roundtable with five faculty who taught last J-term. The format indicated below is how they plan to teach this coming J-term.

  • Chris Kingston (Economics, Online)
  • Kerry Ratigan (Political Science, Online)
  • Catherine Sanderson (Psychology, Online)
  • Joe Trapani (Bio/Neuroscience, Online)
  • Niko Vicario (Art & the History of Art, In-person)

Join these faculty and members of the academic resource team (i.e. academic technology services, research and instruction librarians, writing center) for conversation. 

Additional Resources (You will need to be logged into your Amherst account to view these google docs.)

Please contact us at ctl@amherst.edu if you'd like to attend.

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