The growth of any craft depends on shared practice and honest dialogue amongst the people who do it. We grow by trial and error, to be sure—but our willingness to try and fail, as individuals is severely limited when we are not supported by a community that encourages such risks.”
—Parker Palmer in The Courage to Teach

Center for Teaching and Learning Ongoing and Recent Events

Upcoming Events

2024 Provost's Retreat - August 29th, 2024

Recent Events

2024 Teaching with Multilingualism FLC facilitated by Anston Bosman and Emily Merriman (Spring)

Wednesday Write Ins - every Wednesday during Spring 2024

Talking Teaching - every Wednesday during Spring 2024

2023 Alternative Grading presentation by Kristina Reardon and Kristy Gardner at the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching (ISSOTL) Conference in Utrecht, The Netherlands (November 8-11)

2023 Being “International” in the Amherst College Classroom: A Student Panel (November 11)

2023 Gathering Useful Feedback from Your Students: a Mid-Semester Assessment Conversation (October 13)

2023 Community of Embodied Practice Learning Community (Fall); facilitated by CTL Associate Director Theresa Ronquillo

2023 Native American Literature Collection Learning Community -  KWE Collection; facilitated by Lisa Brooks

2023 Decolonizing Peer Review and Writing Workshops; a learning community facilitated by CTL Faculty Fellow Carmen Granda, Senior Lecturer in Spanish

2023 Provost's Retreat (August 31)

2023 The KWE Collection: Integrating Indigenous Knowledges and Pedagogies (July 24, 26, & 28)

2023 Course Design Seminar (May 22, 24, & 26)

2023 Reflections on Teaching series (February 17, March 3, April 21)

Chatting About ChatGPT (February 20, 2023)

Pedagogical Celebrations - Speaking workshop (week of January 23, 2023)

2023 Syllabus Design Workshop (January 10, 11 and 13) 

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professors speaking at Provost's Retreat

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Center for Teaching and Learning Archived Events

professors talking and looking at paper at Provost's Retreat

Providing Support, Instructional Assistance and Critical Reflection

Since its inception, the Center for Teaching and Learning has hosted a range of seminars, workshops, and retreats for Amherst College's faculty and instructional staff.

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