What is involved in a Course Design Seminar?

Seminar Goals:
  • Build relationships with your faculty colleagues to mentor and support each
    professors talking and looking at paper at Provost's Retreat
    other as you reconsider your courses.
  • Learn teaching and learning scholarship to improve your courses.
  • Articulate the most important goals that you have for your students’ learning and how to best structure your course activities and assignments to meet those goals.
  • Develop strategies for understanding what your students have learned and how to use this information to make your courses even more dynamic and effective over time.
Faculty participants commit to:
  • fully participating in all three sessions
    Professors writing at table
  • sharing their completed, annotated syllabus with the CTL (after teaching the course), and
  • writing a one to two-page assessment of their work and students' learning experience in the course after the first semester the course is taught.
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