What is involved in a Syllabus Design Workshop?

The aim of this workshop series is to help you become more intentional and explicit in your syllabus design. Over the course of the workshop, we will consider what a syllabus does for a faculty member, what it does for students, and how it can improve learning and your relational engagement with students throughout the semester. This workshop typically takes place during J-term.

Session Goals:

  1. Understand the spectrum of possibilities of what a syllabus can do and identify what you would like your own syllabus to do.
  2. Explore relevant frameworks including universal design, transparency, inclusivity, and student-centered syllabus design principles.
  3. Revise your working syllabus based on relevant frameworks, self-assessment, and peer feedback.
Syllabus Design Resources


Saving the Syllabus - article by Katharine Whittemore

two children talking using cans attached by a string
Does your syllabus tell your students all that it could and should?

A glimpse into the Syllabus Design Workshop

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Saving the Syllabus