Anti-Racist Pedagogy Conversation Circles (Spring 2021)

Please join us every other Thursday at 4pm for conversation with your colleagues about various aspects of anti-racist pedagogy. These conversations are co-hosted by the Faculty Equity and Inclusion Officers and the Center for Teaching and Learning; they will be co-facilitated by faculty and instructional staff. While the facilitators will have resources available and some level of expertise on the topics, these conversations are intended to focus on cooperative learning and problem-solving as opposed to being presentational in nature. We hope that you will bring your questions and lived experiences to these discussions so that together, we can better understand how to create an anti-racist classroom and teaching and learning culture at Amherst College.

We hope you will commit to joining us throughout the semester as often as possible. We will offer short (30 minutes or less) preparatory readings to ground our conversations, but hope that you will also bring your own challenges and successes to the group for conversation.

You may register for additional sessions throughout the semester up to the Wednesday evening before each conversation. Resources for this series can be found on the CTL website.

  • February 25th, Building an anti-racist classroom
    • Facilitators: Allen Hart (Psychology), Pawan Dhingra (American Studies), Riley Caldwell-O'Keefe (CTL), Pawan Dhingra (FEIO/American Studies), Allen Hart (FEIO/Psychology)
  • March 11th, Building an anti-racist classroom: Continuing the conversation
    • Facilitators: Alana Kumbier (Research and Instruction Librarian), Kristen Luschen (American Studies), Sara Smith (R&I)
  • March 25th, Anti-Racist Strategies for providing feedback to your students
    • Facilitators: Kristen Brookes (Writing Center), Chris Durr (Chemistry)
  • April 8th, Navigating academic integrity with an anti-racist mindset
    • Facilitators: Allen Hart (Psychology, FEIO), Corey Michalos (Community Standards)
  • April 22nd, Building inclusive and anti-racist curricular pathways
    • Facilitators: Sarah Bunnell (CTL), Riley Caldwell-O'Keefe (CTL), Rhonda Cobham-Sander (Black Studies, English, Latinx and Latin American Studies), Sheila Jaswal (Chemistry), Joe Trapani (Biology, Neuroscience)
  • May 6th, Anti-racist approaches to gathering, interpreting, and responding to student feedback
    • Facilitators: Allen Hart (Psychology), Pawan Dhingra (American Studies), Riley Caldwell-O'Keefe (CTL), Leah Schmalzbauer (American Studeies/Sociology), Marc Edwards (Biology)