'What if I make a mistake?' you may be thinking. 'Racism is a volatile issue, and I don't want to say or do the wrong thing.' In almost forty years of teaching and leading workshops about racism, I have made many mistakes. I have found that a sincere apology and a genuine desire to learn from one's mistakes is usually rewarded with forgiveness. If we wait for perfection, we will never break the silence. The cycle of racism will continue uninterrupted.”
— Beverly Daniel Tatum, Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?

Anti-Racist Pedagogy Conversation Series (2021)

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Working toward being an anti-racist institution

Amherst community members came together six times during the Spring 2021 semester for conversations about various aspects of anti-racist pedagogy; collectively building and discussing a rich set of resources that touched on a wide variety of relevant topics.

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Our Commitment

The CTL grew out of collaborative efforts from across the College. We have been

 invested in inclusive teaching since our founding in 2017 and are committed to assessing our internal practices and outward facing support and programming to help Amherst College address systemic inequities and marginalizing practices in order to grow toward being an anti-racist institution. We are motivated and inspired by the work of our students, faculty, and fellow staff in this area and are ready to shoulder this work in partnership with you.

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Image: Diversity & Democracy "Being Human in STEM: Moving from Student Protest to Institutional Progress" by Sheila Jaswal