A Teaching Team consists of four members of the faculty or of the instructional staff who agree to work as a team to support one another in their growth as teachers.

Over the course of a semester, members of a Teaching Team discuss their particular teaching goals for the semester and visit one another’s classes or workshops, not with the aim of evaluating one another, but of observing each other’s classroom for evidence about the sort of student learning that the teacher is hoping to facilitate. Members of the team then work together to develop strategies for helping members to meet their individual teaching goals, moving back and forth between reflection, strategizing, practicing, and observing over the course of the semester.

Members of the CTL, along with partners in the Writing Center, Q-Center, Center for Community Engagement, and Research & Instructional Librarians, stand ready to offer you as much support as you need. The CTL can provide financial support for sources (books, food, etc.) up to $500 per group, as well as resources for developing and maintaining a supportive and well-functioning team.

If you are interested in joining a teaching team, please email Jyl Gentzler at jgentzler@amherst.edu.