Mission Statement

The Amherst College Employee Council, a representative body of non-faculty employees, works to increase staff involvement in the governance of the College by broadening and strengthening lines of communication within the entire college community.

The Employee Council provides avenues for the college’s diverse staff to participate in policy making, promotes visibility, fosters a supportive work environment and strives to develop a sense of community among students, staff, faculty and senior administrators.

Current Representatives

For the 2016-2017 Academic Year

Tracie Rubeck, History, Chair
Joshua Baum, Information Technology, Co-Chair
Sarah McAlpine, Alumni and Parent Programs, Note Taker
Beth Ollson, Alumni and Parent Programs, Secretary/Treasurer

Katherine Duke, Office of Communications
Kristi Evenson-Ohr, Chemistry
Jessica Gifford, Office of Student Affairs
Denise McGoldrick, Office of Student Affairs
Donald Pittsinger, Mechanical
Doralinda Puente, Dining Services
Ramon Rodriguez, Custodial Services
Paul Sorrentino, Religious & Spiritual Life

VACANT, representative from Libraries and Museums

Working Groups and Subcommittees

Below are the names of each Working Group, its charge, and members.

If you have a question or comment that you would like to direct to a particular group, please feel free to contact a member of the group by phone, email, or in person.

Reconciles constituent groups to ensure equal representation across campus, seeks nominations for positions on the Employee Council, Conducts elections, recommends staff members for college committees who will be voted on by the full Employee Council, and promotes participation in the Employee Council and college committees.
Katherine Duke, chair
additional members, TBD
Designs and implements Employee Council events like Open Houses and campus wide meetings.
Doralinda Puente, chair
Beth Ollson
additional members, TBD
Reviews the bylaws and recommend changes as appropriate, develops and conduct an orientation program for new Employee Council members, and creates and maintain a guide for Employee Council members.
Tracie Rubeck, chair
Human Resources (HR) Working Group
Meets regularly with Human Resources, recommends changes in and offer feedback about benefits, personnel policies and all aspects of the employment environment, and advocates for staff and seek ideas from constituents. The HR working group will bring constituent concerns to Human Resources but will not negotiate individual grievances.
Paul Sorrentino, chair
Jessica Gifford
Kristi Evenson-Ohr
Mary Foulk
Ramon Rodriguez
Mission to be written.
Beth Ollson, chair
Katherine Duke
Kristi Evenson-Ohr
Mary Foulk
Tracie Rubek
Joshua Baum (tentative)

Amherst College Staff Committee Nominations

A goal of the Employee Council is to provide greater opportunities for a wide variety of employees to become engaged in the governance of the college.  Periodically the Employee Council is asked to recommend staff members to serve on college committees including search and policy committees.  If you would like to nominate yourself or a colleague to be considered for service, please fill out the nomination form.  Being nominated in no way obligates an individual to serve on any particular committee.

Employee Council Supports Amherst Uprising


Employee Council Supports Amherst Uprising

19 November 2015

Dear Students,

As the representative body of non-faculty employees of Amherst College, the Employee Council would like to express our support for Amherst Uprising and the growing student/campus movement for equity, inclusion, and dialogue here and beyond. We have been inspired to see the movement develop and to hear the stories of marginalized students, and we enthusiastically add our voices to the chorus of support.

The Employee Council has long been concerned with the need for a more diverse college staff. A diverse student body requires a diverse network of support staff, and we pledge to continue to work with Human Resources in this area. As advocates for College staff, we have witnessed and called attention to equity issues as they have emerged among our constituents, especially among our more vulnerable members. Your movement inspires us to continue this work.

Thank you for the work you are doing, have done, and will do in raising awareness of marginalization and inequity at Amherst College. You have our full attention and support.


The Amherst College Employee Council

Flora Chan, Office of Student Affairs
Bridget Dahill, Academic Technology Services, Secretary/Treasurer
Katherine Duke, Office of Communications
Cassie Funke-Harris, Physical Education, Co-Chair
Jessica Kem, Writing Center
Danielle Laferriere, Dining Services, Chair
Cindy Lepage, Library
Sarah McAlpine, Alumni & Parent Programs, Note Taker
Denise McGoldrick, Health Education
Beth Ollson, Alumni & Parent Programs
Donald Pittsinger, Mechanical
Tracie Rubeck, History
Ramon Rodriguez, Custodial Services
Paul Sorrentino, Religious and Spiritual Life