The Employee Council (EC) Listening Project is designed to listen to staff across campus in order to learn about the issues that matter most to the community.

The EC decided to undertake this project so it could more effectively address the issues of the greatest concern to its constituents.  The primary goals of the Listening Project are to build relationships between staff members and build a stronger sense of community as it reveals both the hopes and concerns of staff members. 

Who will we listen to?

The EC will need to reach a broad spectrum of staff members – people of all ages, levels of experience, genders, socioeconomic classes and ethnic groups from departments across campus - in order to ensure that many different perspectives are captured through this process.  Staff will have the opportunity to contribute their ideas through one-on-one conversations, small group discussions, and a web survey.  All staff members are invited to contribute to the project but we understand that some people will not want to participate.

How will we listen?

Approximately 20% of the staff will be invited to participate in a one-on-one conversation with a trained staff listener.  The staff participating in one-on-one conversations will be randomly selected to ensure that many different perspectives are heard.

What will happen to the results of the project?

Once the listening has concluded, the staff members collecting information will meet to share information and identify major themes.  The results of the project will be presented to staff members for their feedback and then submitted to senior administrators and several college committees.  It will be used to guide the work of the EC in the coming years and it will be posted on the EC website.

What will we do with the information?

The interviews conducted through this process will be private.

Tentative Timeline

October – Notify staff members of the project, put out the call for listeners, finalize the details of the process, and select listeners

October – Training for listeners

November  – Listening begins, public website launched

December – Listening concludes, listeners meet to look for themes and patterns

January – Public report completed and presented to staff, senior administrators and strategic planning committees

Listeners Wanted

The Employee Council is seeking 15-20 employees who will serve as listeners during the spring semester.  Listeners will need to complete approximately 3 hours of training, conduct 8-10 interviews, meet to identify major themes, and complete the public report.  If you are interested in serving as a listener, check with your supervisor and fill out this web form.