Meet Your Representatives 2022-23

Jon Doyle

Jon Doyle

Precinct: Academic
Worked at Amherst: 30 years
Where to find me: Kirby Theater and environs
Fun Fact: I know how to treat an upper respiratory infection in a ball python.

A woman smiling against a purple background Val Jones

Precinct: Athletics
Worked at Amherst: 25 months
Where to find me: Alumni Gym
Fun Fact: I’m a really funny person :-)

A photo of Rob Rea Rob Rea

Precinct: SYNE
Worked at Amherst: 4 years
Where to find me: Converse basement b14
Fun Fact: Does all his own auto work

A photo of Stacey Cooney Stacey Cooney

Precinct: Administrative Services
Worked at Amherst: 21 years
Where to find me: Registrar's Office (mostly remote)
Fun Fact: I have my own science radio show.

A photo of Ellis Butler Ellis Butler

Precinct: Libraries/Museums
Worked at Amherst: 2 and a half years
Where to find me: Collection Management, in Frost Library
Fun Fact: It's Halloween all year round for me.


Emily Ziomek

Precinct: Advancement
Worked at Amherst: 5 years
Where to find me: Pontypool (on campus) In my attic office (remote)
Fun Fact: I love outdoor adventures

A photo of Eva Diaz Eva Diaz

Precinct: ADC
Worked at Amherst: Almost 10 years
Where to find me: In Chapin Hall (basement)
Fun Fact: I'm a photographer

A photo of Felipe Gomez Felipe Gomez

Precinct: Admission/Financial Aid
Worked at Amherst: 1 year
Where to find me: Wilson Admission Center
Fun Fact: I've never seen the Pacific Ocean!

Peter Charron

Pete Charron

Precinct: Dining Services
Worked at Amherst: 8 years
Where to find me: I can be found in the campus center, at grab and go or the Friedman room or at Valentine Hall.
Fun Fact: My wife and I are both professional disc golfers!


Brad Stafford

Brad Stafford

Precinct: Facilities Services
Worked at Amherst: 23+ years
Where to find me: My office is in the mechanical shop building, 2 East Drive
Fun Fact: I like to rebuild/repair and customize vintage snowmobiles .... my machines average around 50 years old.



Raphaela Moreno

Precinct: Student Services
Worked at Amherst: About 3.5 years
Where to find me: In Converse 202
Fun Fact: About 5 years ago, my sister and I lived in a car for two and a half months, and visited 29 continental U.S states plus D.C and Tijuana.

A man in sunglasses smiling Patrick Connell

Precinct: Custodial Services
Worked at Amherst: Info to come
Where to find me: Service Building/Police Department
Fun Fact: Info to come