Amherst College Managers' Council

The Managers' Council, comprised of directors of administrative departments appointed to the Council by Senior Staff members, develops policy recommendations upon request from the President, Senior Staff, Council members and other campus committees and departments.   One member of the Council serves as Chair, and another serves as Recorder; both positions are elected by annual vote of the members of the Council.

The Council meets three to four times during the academic year to develop policy recommendations requested by the President, Council members and/or other campus committees or departments.  Such recommendations might address issues related but not restricted to human resource policies, administrative efficiencies, administrative department priorities, and opportunities for financial savings for the College. The Council provides a forum for directors of administrative departments to discuss best practices, consider issues facing the representative departments, and share information about prospective changes that would affect the other departments represented. In this way, the Council serves to facilitate communication among and between administrative departments and the rest of the College.

The Council was formed in 2009 as a means for directors of administrative departments to work collaboratively across departmental boundaries; seek service delivery efficiencies and cost savings; and serve as an administrative advisory body to the President and Senior Staff in ways that augment and strengthen the existing management structures of the College.

Beginning in 2011, the Council seeks to meet at least twice each year with two bodies: the Employee Council and the President’s Senior Staff, and other committees as requested. Those meetings will provide opportunities to share information, ideas, and proposed solutions to current concerns, and to identify future matters for consideration.