Special Instructions for Processing Payroll, Invoices and Reimbursements as We Work Remotely

Dear Amherst Community,

With the recently announced move to remote working for much of our staff, we want to communicate guidance on how we will maintain essential business services. It is our top priority to ensure that we are processing payroll and vendor payments accurately and on schedule. To do so, we will need your help and effort. As such, we are providing you with the following guidance on submitting information needed to execute payroll, business expense reimbursements and vendor payments.

Instructions for Approving Time for Student and Casual Employees

Spreadsheets have been created for casual and student employees for approved time. Supervisors should complete the applicable spreadsheet for their student and causal employees and return it to Payroll electronically at payroll@amherst.edu. No additional documentation is needed. Also, no signature is required from the supervisor; the email, along with the spreadsheet, serves as the approval. We are not requiring casual and student employees to submit this document to Payroll.

Spreadsheets for Approving Time for Student and Casual Employees

Supervisors' Approved Time Sheet for Casual Employees

Supervisors' Approval Sheet for Student Employees

The spreadsheets are also attached below.

 Timeline for Spreadsheet Submissions

  • Student Payroll Spreadsheets should be submitted by the supervisors bi-weekly, by 5 p.m. Monday (beginning the week ending March 28, 2020).
  • Casual Payroll Spreadsheets should be submitted by the supervisors weekly, by 5 p.m. Monday (beginning week ending March 21, 2020).

Instructions for Non-exempt Time Approval & Adjustments

Payroll for non-exempt employees will be pre-loaded according to scheduled hours. No spreadsheet submission is needed from a supervisor unless there is an adjustment needed, such as differences in hours worked or use of leave times (e.g., vacation, sick, etc.). Should there be an adjustment to these hours, supervisors should email details of the adjustment to payroll@amherst.edu. No spreadsheet is required. Any adjustments will be reflected on the next payroll cycle.



Accounts Payable/Reimbursements/Pay Advices/Mailing Checks to Employees

Any vendor/consultant payments or employee reimbursements should be submitted by the approving supervisor (also dated, with the appropriate accounting or fund number). The invoice or reimbursement can then be sent to accountspayable@amherst.edu

Please note that at this time Pay Advices will not be printed nor mailed to you. You can view your pay advice on AC Data.

Should you currently receive a physical check, your physical check will be mailed to your home address instead of your AC Box#.

Should you have any questions, please contact Debbie Edwards (dedwards@amherst.edu, 413-542-2813).