Accessing Student Billing Information

“Family and friends” may access online billing information at the AC Data website:

On the main ACData screen, click Log In, then enter your Amherst username and password. Next, click on Family and Friends. Here you will find links to the student's billing information and to a page where you can update your personal contact information.

If you have forgotten your Amherst username and/or password go to the following webpage:

On this page you will be prompted to enter an e-mail address. You must enter the same address used when the account was originally created or that you have since changed at this site. When you submit your address, the system generates an e-mail to you that includes your Amherst username and a link that lets you set your Amherst password. (Please note that you cannot use this online password reset system if you are currently employed by the College. Instead, contact the Help Desk.)

To change the email address associated with your Family and Friends account, log into ACDATA, click on Family and Friends, then click on the link that lets you change your Address, Telephone, and Email.