Amherst College Grants Inventions Agreement

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Social Security No.

In consideration of my participation in the following Award to Amherst College:

Grantor: _______________________________ Grant No: ____________

Date: __________________________________ Proposal No: ____________

Amendment No: ____________

Project Title:_______________________________________________________


I agree:

  1. To disclose promptly and assign to The Trustees of Amherst College all rights
    to all inventions conceived, invented, or reduced to practice by me, either
    solely or jointly with others, which are developed in the course of or pursuant to
    the work supported by the above Award.
  2. To execute all necessary papers and otherwise provide proper assistance, at
    Amherst College’s expenses, during and subsequent to the period of my Amherst
    College affiliation, to enable Amherst College to obtain, maintain or enforce
    for itself or its nominees, patents or other legal protection for such invention, and
  3. To prepare and maintain for Amherst College adequate and current written
    Records of all such inventions, and
  4. To deliver promptly to Amherst College when I leave it for whatever reason,
    and at any other time as Amherst College may request, copies of all written
    records referred to in Paragraph C. above as well as all related memoranda,
    notes, records, schedules, plans or other documents, made by, complies by,
    delivered to, or manufactured, used, developed or investigated by Amherst
    College, which will at all times be the property of Amherst College.

This Agreement replaces all previous agreements relating in whole or in part to the same or similar matters which I may have entered into with Amherst College. It may not be modified or terminated, in whole or in part, except in writing signed by an authorized representative of Amherst College. Discharge of my undertakings in this Agreement will be an obligation of my executors, administrators or other legal representatives or assignees.

I represent that, except as identified on the reverse side hereof, I have no agreements with or obligations to others in conflict with the foregoing.

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