Time and Effort

To be completed for the reporting period January-May

To be completed for the reporting period June-August

To be completed for the reporting period September-December


GrantsLink (online internal proposal review form)

To be completed at least 5 business days before the proposal due date for any grant awards that will be administered by the College.

Financial Conflict of Interest

To be completed annually by all key personnel and whenever new reportable significant financial interests are acquired

Cost Sharing

To report non-salary cost share such as travel, supplies, and services

To report salary cost share on a monthly basis


To be completed after purchasing equipment with federal grant funds with a purchase price of $5,000 or greater

To be completed when transferring or disposing of equipment purchased with federal grant funds


To submit bid information to the Controller's Office prior to making a purchase of $25,000 or greater from a federal grant

Payments to Employees

To request summer salary compensation from grants

 Special Payment Request Form To request supplemental compensation from grants for College employees (non-students).  Do not use this form to request summer salary.