Timing of Refunds

Current semester balances reflected as a negative number on your billing statement and generated from financial aid will automatically be processed weekly on Wednesdays (funds must show as disbursed - as opposed to anticipated - on your statement). Please allow 3-5 business days for the funds to be deposited into your account.


Credit balances unrelated to financial aid must be requested from the student by contacting Student Accounts at studentaccounts@amherst.edu from your Amherst College email address.

How To Request a Credit Refund

It is Amherst College policy that a refund for any credit balance created on the student account from non-financial aid related items can only be requested by the account holder (the student).

If a student has a credit balance they may request a refund by sending a message from their Amherst College email account to: studentaccounts@amherst.edu.  

Plan ahead for refunds of credit

Payments for credit refunds and advances of aid are processed by the Student Accounts department of the Controller's Office only once a week - and will generally be available 3-5 business days after being submitted to Finexio. 

Note: Refunds will not be processed until classes in the term have begun.

A screenshot of an Amherst College digital payment Finexio

The College continues to partner with a third-party vendor called Finexio/Checkbook.io to send non-Payroll related payments to you, such as refunds from financial aid or other reimbursements.

Once the College processes a refund request and you are scheduled to receive a payment, Finexio/Checkbook.io will send a message to your Amherst College email address. You will then be prompted to follow a link to a website where you can keep your payment method selection from last semester or update it to a different type. The three available payment types are ACH Direct Deposit, print a check for mobile deposit into your bank account, or mail a check to bring to your bank.

To verify your payment method, begin the process of updating your payment method, or to make other changes to your account, please call the Finexio support line at 818-724-8110 ext. 2 or email support@finexio.com.

How Long Will it Take?

ACH option:

Once you enter your banking information on Checkbook.io, the timeline for a standard ACH deposit to settle in your account is 3-5 business days, depending on your bank's procedures. When you choose this option, your confirmation will include an expected received date.

Check Option
  • Mobile Deposit: You are able to print & scan your check for mobile deposit same-day. Please contact your bank for processing times and hold policies.
  • In Person Deposit: To bring your check into your bank or check cashing facility physically, please request a check via mail. Physical checks will be sent via USPS First Class mail and can take up to two weeks to receive.

Further Information & FAQ's

Amherst College X Finexio Student Payment FAQ's

Questions to the Finexio team may be made via phone at 818-724-8110 ext. 2 or via email at support@finexio.com.

Questions for the College may be directed to accountspayable@amherst.edu.