2021/22 Semester Billing Fee Details


The semester tuition, room and board fees total $38,400; the semester tuition totals $30,350; the semester room fee is $4,350 and the semester board fee is $3,700. Optional, independent tuition insurance covering medical withdrawals is offered by A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. For further details see the additional information below.

$230 - Fall Semester
$230 - Spring Semester

The student activities fee of $230 (fall semester), $230 (spring semester) is used by the Association of Amherst Students to fund organizations, clubs, and special interest groups for activities.  Six dollars of the fee helps to underwrite the Five College Performing Arts Program. This cooperative program allows students to receive a discounted ticket price for all Fine Arts Center sponsored programs.  The fee also contributes to the support of a wide variety of student group programs that develop social life, educate and build community as well as, student newspapers, magazines, radio station, yearbook, and student government. 


Each student new to Amherst College, or former student re-entering, is charged a $150 fee unless this deposit has previously been paid. This deposit is refundable after a student graduates or otherwise leaves the College, less any unpaid charges on his/her account.


The transcript fee is a non-refundable $25 fee which provides all students the opportunity to receive transcripts upon request with no additional charge.




All enrolled students wishing to waive the student health insurance provided through the College are required to submit a health insurance waiver through Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk's website if the student meets the waiver requirements. The waiver for the fall 2021 semester is available beginning July 15, 2021 on Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk’s website.

The student health insurance premiums for the 2021-2022 academic year are:
$2,616 - Fall Semester (full year coverage billed to all students enrolled in the fall semester)

$1,518 - Spring Semester
(for new students or students returning from a leave of absence)
*The difference in the spring premium for new students is the cost of travel assistance program already included in the fall premium. For more information regarding this program, please contact Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk at 800-379-6183.

This benefit is available:
Fall Semester: August 15, 2021  through January 4, 2022 
Spring Semester: January 5, 2021 through August 14, 2022

Please be aware that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires health insurance for all full-time students.  The waiver option exists for students covered under a “continuing, substantially equivalent plan” to the coverages offered through the College. Note that health insurance coverage provided through a state Medicaid program is typically not considered an equivalent plan under Massachusetts regulations. Likewise, coverage provided by a health maintenance organization (HMO) is typically not considered an equivalent plan given geographic area constraints on coverage.

Students waiving the student health insurance plan through the College must complete the online waiver form by August 6, 2021 for the fall 2021 semester and by January 7, 2022 for the spring 2022 semester. Unless the plan is waived by these dates, the College will automatically enroll the student in the College-provided plan. 

Questions regarding the online waiver process and requirements can be addressed to Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk: 800-379-6183

Students who receive scholarship aid from the College may request additional grant aid to pay for the College’s health insurance plan if their family does not have health insurance or substantially equivalent coverage that is available in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. A “Request for Scholarship–Health” form should be completed and submitted to the Office of Financial Aid; it is available in the “Forms and Helpful Links” section of the Office of Financial Aid website.



Optional, independent tuition insurance covering medical withdrawals is offered by A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. This insurance is billed each semester. If you do not wish to participate in the program you must complete the online waiver by August 6, 2021 for the fall semester and by January 7, 2022 for the spring semester.  If you do not complete the online waiver form, you will be enrolled in the tuition insurance plan and the premium must be paid. Subscribers are assured a refund of tuition within the terms of the plan for medical withdrawals. All medical withdrawals under the program are insured at 80% of the applicable tuition portion of the comprehensive fee previously paid to Amherst.This is a private program that is not provided, or administered, by the College.


If you have elected a Nelnet (formerly known as Tuition Management Systems) Monthly Payment Plan, the full semester payment plan amount is recorded as a credit on the comprehensive bill, provided we have received notification prior to our billing deadline.  Your billing statement will reflect any balance due after the plan amount has been credited to the account.  If you have any questions or require any changes regarding your monthly payment plan, please contact our Student Accounts Office at 413-542-2811.


If the student is receiving financial aid through the College, the Office of Financial Aid must be informed of any tuition benefits from a parent's employer or other awards or grants. It usually is necessary for the financial aid award to be adjusted to accommodate this assistance.

State scholarships and/or outside scholarships are not reflected as a credit on the bill until funds are received from the donor agency or organization. One-half of state scholarships and, generally, one-half of outside scholarships shown on the financial aid package may be subtracted from the fall term bill.  The usual expectation is that an outside scholarship will be divided between the two semesters.  However, if the donor of an outside scholarship specifies in writing that the assistance should be applied in full to the fall term bill, please contact the Office of Financial Aid so that the award record may be adjusted.  In addition, if an outside scholarship has been received directly by the student from the donor, please notify the Office of Financial Aid.  In this case, the scholarship should not be subtracted from the fall term bill.

Proceeds from College Savings or Prepaid Tuition Plans (also referred to as 529 Plans) will not be reflected as pending aid.  Any proceeds to be used in the academic year must be accessible prior to the bill due date of each semester.

If the student is not receiving financial aid through the College, but will receive assistance from outside organizations, please deduct one-half of those awards from the enclosed bill.  In these instances, please email studentaccounts@amherst.edu the award details informing us of the source of the assistance and whether the College is expected to present a bill to another institution or organization.


For students who have been awarded financial aid and have accepted the award, scholarship, grant or loan assistance, the amount should appear on the term bill as either a credit or pending aid.  Aid is credited after all requirements for application and disbursement are met. If the aid source is from outside the College, the funds are credited to the account after they have been received.  Aid remains pending until all requirements are fulfilled.

If your aid application is incomplete, the Office of Financial Aid has notified you of items needed to complete your application so that it may be reviewed.  This information is also available online at www.amherst.edu/go/netpartner. Please submit any missing or additional requested information as soon as possible so that your financial aid award may be finalized and credited to your account.

Make note of any adjustments made to the balance due by email  to studentaccounts@amherst.edu.   Please then remit the remaining amount due on or before the required due date. Payment options to Amherst College are available at: https://www.amherst.edu/offices/controller/student-accounts/payment-options.