Diversity and Inclusion

Where do we go from here?

Years ago, the College made a decision to build a diverse community, and we have since become a leader in achieving representational diversity on our campus, especially among students. We are rightly proud of what we have accomplished, believing diversity to be a powerful part of the learning environment we create. With these achievements come wonderful opportunities as well as challenges.

  • What definition of, and overall approach to, diversity does Amherst College want to embrace? How is diversity important to our mission?
  • How do we support all our students, faculty and staff to ensure that they thrive at Amherst College?
  • How do we make the campus safe, respectful, challenging, and inclusive for diversity in all its forms?
  • How do we create a culture that facilitates community members in negotiating between specific group affinities and their membership in a larger community?How do we change the culture of segmentation on the Amherst campus?
  • How can we make the best creative use of our community’s diversity in thinking about research, curricular and extracurricular offerings? 

More specifically:

  • What sort of institutional structure should oversee and implement what the College does in this area? How to ensure that this structure builds on the knowledge and drive of our faculty, staff, and students? Should we have explicit goals and, of so, which ones?
  • How do we promote the qualities of leadership and service inherent in all members of our community? Should we create a leadership certificate for our students?
  • How to better retain and promote staff and faculty from non-traditional groups? Should we increase the training in this area available to our faculty and staff?
  • How to make diversity a part of the College's infrastructure? (e.g. advancement goals, library & museum development, human resource development, etc.)