Emergency - Call Amherst College Police

(413) 542-2111 

Fire Alarm

In the event of a fire alarm, every person in the building is required to evacuate, with the exception of a person who is mobility impaired* and is not located on the ground floor.

  • Persons evacuating the building should always use the closest emergency exit, stairs and doors.
    • Exit doors on delayed egress, (those indication 15 or 30 second delay) will automatically unlock when a fire alarm is sounding.
  • Elevators shall not be used for evacuation of a building, during a fire alarm.
  • Accountability - After evacuating the building, faculty, staff, students and visitors must report to a designated area of accountability, which is not less than 25 feet from the building, nor interferes with the response of the Amherst Fire Department. Accountability groups could be separated by classes, departments or offices etc.
  • Department Heads, Custodians, Police Officers and the Incident Commander from the Fire Department should meet at front entrance of building for logistical reasons.

Fire Reporting

Any person who discovers a fire or smoke condition on campus should perform the following procedures know as CAPE.

  1. Close the door to contain the fire.
  2. Alert other persons in the area about the hazardous condition.
  3. Pull the fire alarm and call the Amherst College Campus Police from a safe location.
  4. Evacuate the building or extinguisher the fire, providing you have been trained to use the appropriate fire extinguisher and you are not putting yourself at risk. 

If unable to evacuate the building because of fire or smoke condition:

  • Remain calm.
  • Close the door to the room you are in and call the Amherst College Campus Police at 2111 to report your position so that you can be rescued. If smoke begins to come in under the door, stuff blankets or towels (preferably wet) under the door to prevent the smoke from coming in. Wave a brightly colored article of clothing or similar material in the window to attract attention; do not break the window unless absolutely necessary. Breaking the window may result in falling glass injuring people below or smoke entering the window making it more difficult to breath.

Do not re-enter the building, until:

  • The fire alarm has been silenced, and
  • The fire or police department has indicated that it is acceptable to re-enter.

*Mobility impaired persons on floors above or below the ground floor should remain in their room or office with a friend or co-worker, otherwise known as "defend in place".  Persons remaining in their room can contact the Amherst College Campus Police and report their location for response by the Fire and Police.

Last updated: April 2021