Environmental Health & Safety

Emergency and Safety Information


Emergency - Call Amherst College Police 

(413) 542-2111 

(Ambulance, Fire, Haz-Mat, Police)

AC Alert Notification System

In the event of an emergency, the college community is notified through AC Alert by including: website alerts, text messages, email, voice mail, outdoor sirens.

Register your cell phone number with AC Alert to receive text messages regarding campus emergencies.

Emergency Closings

In the event of severe weather, such as snow storms, it may be necessary to close or delay opening the college. Emergency closings are announced on the website.

To access the College’s recorded announcement regarding the weather, please call the Local Weather Line: 542-SNOW (542-7669). 

For those who live beyond the local phone area, call the toll-free number: (888) 289-1049

In addition to announcements on the telephone lines, we will notify two television stations

and three radio stations


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