Environmental Health & Safety

Emergency Management Group

October 2012

Emergency - Call Amherst College Police 

(413) 542-2111 

(Ambulance, Fire, Haz-Mat, Police)






The system for managing resources, analyzing information and making decisions in an emergency is called direction and control. It is important that each person in the emergency management group know who is in charge of what segment of the response and upon whom the final responsibility rests.

On the Amherst College Campus, final responsibility shall always rest with the President of the College or his/her designee. The Amherst College President shall remain "in-charge" of the emergency management of College-wide responses; however, he/she may defer to the expertise of the Emergency Director, Incident Commanders or other members of the Emergency Management Group.

Members of the Emergency Management Group that may be called upon to be Incident Commanders must be trained and knowledgeable of the Emergency Management Plan. Other members of the Emergency Management Group must also be aware of the plan and the appropriate role that they will play.

Amherst College - Emergency Management Group Members

Group Representative
Associate Treasurer for Campus Services / Director of Facilities James Brassord* Tom Davies
Chief of Police John Carter* Ed Zaniewski
Environmental Health and Safety Richard Mears* Kristi Ohr
Public Relations Peter Rooney* Caroline Hanna
* = Core Response Group    
 Group Representative
Carpentry Shop Richard Cooper Paul Eddy
Central Energy Plant Jeffery Isabelle Tom Tonelli
Communications / Information Tech / Networks John Manly Stephen Judycki
Counseling Center Jacki Bearce  
Custodial Mitchell Koldy George Shaheen
Dining Services Charles Thompson Jeremy Rousch
Electrical Shop Brian Pare Dennis Doubleday
Emergency Director - Aide Becky Maloney / Wil Donnell Police Sargeant
Facilities Asst Director Peter Root Brian Pare
Grounds Bob Shea Mark Uchneat
Health Services Edward McGlynn Dr. Warren Morgan
Housing Services Torin Moore Pamela Stawasz
Human Resources Maria-Judith Rodriguez Patricia Long
Mechanical Shop Guy Cote Kevin Gladu
Religious Life Rev. Paul V. Sorrentino  
Rental Housing Patrick Chehade Jonathan Devins
Service Center Kathy Andrus Mike Potts

Town of Amherst and Five College Liaisons

 Group Representative
Amherst Board of Health Julie Federmen  Javeria Mir
Amherst Fire Department Chief W. Tim Nelson Asst Chief Don McKay
Amherst Police Department Capt. Christopher Pronovost Lt Robert O'Connor
Amherst Public Health Nurse Carolyn Merriam  
Amherst Public Works Guilford Mooring  
Five College Liaison Neal Abraham  
PVTA Al Byam  
Risk Manager Elizabeth Carmichael Stephen O'Neil
Triumvirate Environmental Kevin Poulin  
UMass Public Health Nurse Ann Becker  
UMass Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Tom O'Regan