Environmental Health & Safety

Emergency Preparedness Plan - Activation

March 2012

Emergency - Call Amherst College Police 

(413) 542-2111 

(Ambulance, Fire, Haz-Mat, Police)






The authority to declare a campus state of emergency lies with the President or his/her designee, typically the Chief of Campus Operations. The Chief of Campus Operations serves as the Emergency Director. A campus state of emergency is in effect when declared by the President or his/her designee

The plan shall be set in motion whenever a natural or induced emergency affecting the College reaches proportions that cannot be handled by established measures. Emergencies are sudden and unforeseen or there may be varying periods of warning. The plan is intended to be sufficiently flexible to accommodate contingencies of all types, magnitudes, and durations.

The plan provides for aiding the local community when appropriate, though the prime responsibility of the plan is to the College community. The intent of the plan is to be a tool to accomplish the stated purposes with a minimum of confusion and wasted effort.

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