Environmental Health & Safety

Emergency Preparedness Plan Overview

January 2012


Emergency - Call Amherst College Police 

(413) 542-2111 

(Ambulance, Fire, Haz-Mat, Police)






Amherst College is committed to the welfare of its students, faculty, staff and visitors. Preparing an emergency preparedness plan and allocating resources to respond to possible emergencies is one way the College meets this commitment. The plan is fashioned in accordance with the laws, regulations, and policies that govern emergency preparedness and reflects the most current thinking in this area.

The Emergency Preparedness Plan is designed to maximize life safety and preservation of property, minimize danger, restore normal working conditions, and assure responsive communications with the College community, surrounding neighborhoods, the Town of Amherst, state agencies such as the State Police, the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), and the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA).

The Emergency Preparedness Plan for Amherst College is publicly available on the Emergency Preparedness Website. Copies of our incident specific response plans are located in each Amherst College Police car, the Environmental Health and Safety response vehicle, and in the Dispatch Center of the Amherst College Police Department.

It shall be the responsibility of the Chief of Police and the Environmental Health and Safety Manager to update the Amherst College Emergency Preparedness Plan. The plan shall be reviewed annually and updated as needed.


There must be a commonly known way to report an emergency for the public. The  Police Department posts bright orange stickers near all common telephones with emergency numbers to call. In addition, the numbers are posted in telephone directories, Campus Security Act Compliance Documents, and referred to during all crime prevention seminars.

The Environmental Health and Safety Manager makes reference to reporting emergencies in all training for Facilities Staff and incorporates it into appropriate policies.

There are also a number of emergency call boxes located throughout the campus that dial the ACPD directly. These are clearly marked by a visible blue light.

Certain emergencies are reported immediately to local authorities by the ACPD Dispatch Center. A direct line from ACPD allows immediate contact with the local public safety dispatch center.

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