IATA/ICAO Checklist for Dangerous Goods


April 2022
Acceptable Items: Class 1.4C, D, E, G, S; 2.1;  2.2;  3;  4.1;  4.2;  4.3;  5.1;  5.2;  6.1;  6.2;  7;  8;  9;  ORM-D-Air - Must pass checklist for carriage.
Air Waybill 2


Checked off Box

Dangerous Goods staement; Cargo aircraft only (CAO) if  applicable.

Checked off BoxProper Shipping Name (match description)
Checked off BoxUN or ID Number
Checked off BoxPackage Specification
Checked off BoxPossible Addition Markings
  • "*" Requires Technical Name
  • Class 1 (net quantity, gross weight, and EX Number)
  • Class 2 pkg inst 202 (Keep Upright, No Not Drop, Handle With Care).
  • Class 6.2 (Name and Phone number of responsible person)
  • "Overpack" (when used)
  • "Limited Quantity" or "LTD QTY"
  • "RQ" for Hazardous Substances
  • "Inhalation Hazard" some Poison (Toxic)
  • Exemptions / Approvals
  • "Lighters" (T-****)"
  • "UN3373", "Biological substance, Category B", Name & Phone#


Air Waybill

Air Waybill Thumbnail Examples from FedEx and DHL Shipment Companies.



Checked off BoxPrimary Hazard Label Affixed

Checked off BoxSubsidiary Hazard Label Affixed

Checked off BoxCargo Aircraft Only (CAO) Label Affixed

Checked off Box


Orientation Labels (2) Affixed on opposite sides (required for most liquids)



Checked off BoxKeep Away From Heat (4.1 "self-


reactive"/5.2 materials)(SP A20)


Checked off BoxTwo Radioactive Lables Completed and Affixed on opposite sides

Dangerous Goods



Checked off BoxType Material Acceptable (not "forbidden")

Checked off Box2 Copies

Checked off BoxShipper / CoSignee Name and Adress

Checked off BoxAWB Number

Checked off BoxPage of Pages

Checked off BoxAirport of Departure / Destination

Checked off Box Radioactive / Non-Radioactive Declared

Checked off BoxUN or ID number

Checked off BoxProper Shipping Name

Sticker No Air

Checked off BoxHazard Class / Division

Checked off BoxSubsidiary Risk

Checked off BoxPacking Group

Checked off BoxNumber of Pieces and Type of Packaging 

Checked off BoxTotal Quantity 

Checked off BoxPacking Instructions

Checked off BoxCorrect Type Aircraft Declared 

Checked off BoxEmergency Response Telephone Number

Checked off BoxAir Certification Statements

Checked off BoxName and Title of Signatory

Checked off BoxPace and Date

Checked off Box

Signature (manual or facsimile not typewritten)

Checked off BoxPossible Additional Entries

  • "*" Requires Technical Name in ()
    Shippers Declaration
  • "Q" Value
  • Overpack Used
  • "Limited Quantity" or "LTD. QTY"
  • "RQ" for Hazardous Substance
  • "Inhalation Hazard" some Poison (toxic)
  • Special Provisions A-1, 2, 51, 81, 109
  • Exemptions/Approvals
  • Class 6.2 Tech name & Name/Phone# of person
  • Class 4.1 "self reactive"/ 5.2 Statement (SP A20)
  • "Lighters" (T-****)
  • "UN 3268" (EX-Number)

Radioactive Materials

Checked off BoxName or Symbol of Nadionuclide

Checked off BoxForm-Physical and Chemical; or Special

Checked off BoxActivity in each Package (in Becquerels)

Checked off Box

Label Category (I-white, II-yellow, III-yellow)

Checked off BoxTransport Index (II-yellow, III-yellow only)

Checked off BoxPackage Dimensions (II-yellow, III-yellow)

Checked off BoxMedical Statement if intended for Pax A/C