Painting (Exterior) Policy for Contractors

January 2020


  1. Shall have Lead Safe Practice Training, and be able to document same.
  2. Painting contractors working on any Amherst College property, built before 1978, shall have a Lead Safe Worker on site during work activity.
  3. Shall prove adequate, appropriate insurance coverage, before initiating work.
  4. Shall be responsible for providing or verifying the occupants of the property with;
  • Lead Paint Work Notification Form.
  • A copy of the pamphlet; Protect Your Family From Lead in Your Home.
  • Both must be provided at least 10 days before work is initiated.
  • Work notification must be signed by a person over the age of 18 in each affected apartment or house at that address.
  • Shall not perform any paint, stain or other associated work at any location where a child under the age of 6 reside.
  • Should a child under the age of 6, or an expecting mother be observed at that residence, work shall be immediately stopped, and Amherst Rental Housing shall be notified.
    • Shall notify Rental Housing, prior to initiating work, if they observe a damaged surface (interior or exterior), such as a roof leak or other water damage.
      • Repair shall take precedence over repainting of surface.
    • Prohibited Paint Activities:
      • Unless equipped with a HEPA vacuum filtration system, the use of grinders and power sanders is strictly prohibited.
      • Open flame and high heat or torch paint removal shall not be permitted.
        1. Chemicals of any type used on site must have the appropriate, specific MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) immediately available for review by Regulatory Agencies, Amherst Rental Housing, or Environmental Health and Safety.
      • The use of uncontained/uncontrolled abrasive or hydro blasting.
      • Dry scraping or sanding.
        1. Wet methods to limit potential airborne contamination is required.

Required Activities:

  • Unless equipped with new security closed and locked windows, houses built before 1978 (unless proven not to contain lead paint) shall have all of the doors and windows within 20’ of the work area of appropriately and adequately covered with a minimum of 6 mil plastic to prevent any chips or dust from entering the building.
    • Protective sheeting or tarps shall be spread on the ground a minimum of 10’ from the base of the house for a single story building. For each additional floor above the 1st, 5 additional feet is required.
      • The sheeting or tarp shall be securely attached (taped or stapled) to the base of the building to prevent chips and dust from entering soil.
    • All paint scraping (chips, dust, etc.) shall be collected by the contractor, properly containerized and given to Environmental Health and Safety for proper, recognized disposal. The name, address or the property must be included with the waste container.
    • The contractor must contact Western Massachusetts Electric Company to cover electric lines, if they will be working within 10’ of those lines.
    • When using ladders on plastic sheeting, contractors are required to cut slits into the plastic to place ladder feet directly on to the ground.
      • Holes shall be duct taped or otherwise covered when ladder is relocated.
    • Ladder use shall be in compliance with OSHA rules and regulations.
      • Fall protection must be incorporated into the work, if personnel working on platforms or roofs that are greater than 6’ above the next lower surface.
    • Safety equipment such as eye protection is required when scraping.
      • If required, contractors shall wear the appropriate NIOSH approved respirators.
      • Contractors are required, when using respirators to have a Respirator Safety Program, and shall provide a copy of same to Amherst Rental Housing and/or Environmental Health & Safety before initiating work.
    • Work Site shall be;
        • Caution taped off to prevent unauthorized entry.
        • Posted “No food, beverages or smoking inside work area”.
        • Completely cleaned and inspected by Amherst Rental Housing or Environmental Health and Safety before leaving the work site.

      Interior Paint Policy for Contractors