April 2023

For the biologist/entomologist among us…

Leptoglossus occidentalis Heidemann; Family: Coreiae

Western Conifer Seed Bug


Western Conifer Seed Bugs;

  • Are nuisance (non-destructive) pest that will not bite or sting.
  • Are approximately ¾” in length and is a dull brown in color
  • Moved into the New England region around 1990
    • Initially identified in California around 1910
    • In the spring and summer months, Conifer Bugs live in nearby coniferous trees such as Douglas firs, arborvitaes and hemlocks, red, white and Scotch pine trees.
    • Seek the warmth of buildings in the early fall to be protected from the winter.
    • Give off a pungent odor when handled, startled or touched
      • unpleasant, acrid, citrusy smell

Conifer Bug Management

  • Make sure that windows are closed and screens are in place.
    • Report any broken or damaged screens to the Facilities Service Center
      •  servicectr@amherst.edu or (413) 542-2254
      • As a temporary measure, tape over openings in screens or around windows
      • There are no known pesticides specifically identified to control this particular bug.
      • To remove the bug(s) from your room, we suggest one of the following;
        • Capture bug(s) in a container and release them outdoors, or
        • Vacuum the bug(s) and dispose of vacuum cleaner bag into exterior trash container or dumpster
      • Do not step on or otherwise handle / squish the conifer bug, as it will release the distasteful odor that will persist for some time

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