Environmental Health & Safety

Campus ID Policy

January 2010

Employee Identification Policy

 Campus Picture Identification

In accordance with the requirements of the Amherst College Environmental Health & Safety Policy, the Amherst College Campus Police Department, and the OSHA General Duty Clause, section 5 (a) 1, the following guidelines have been established to reduce the risk of incident and injury to our faculty, staff, and students when employees of the Physical Plant are working in or around campus buildings. The goal of this particular program is to provide the campus community with a way to recognize our staff immediately, to differentiate Amherst College employees from outside contractors, and to prevent misrepresentation of an outsider as a Physical Plant employee.

Because Amherst College is an “open campus,” the picture identification is the only way to differentiate our employees from the general public. Therefore, effective Monday, February 29, 1999, it shall be required that each Physical Plant employee who works outside the Service Building obtain and wear a campus picture identification. The College ID should be conspicuously displayed to allow the campus community ease of recognition. As long as it is visible, the ID may be placed in any of the following locations:

1) on a chain or other holder placed around the neck*
2) clipped, magnetized, or pinned to the upper left or right breast pocket area of a shirt or jacket
3) attached to a belt
4) attached to the front of a baseball cap, hat, or helmet
*If working around equipment or machinery a chain or other holder around the neck should not be used.

The campus picture identifications can be obtained from Theresa Laizer at Dining Services, Valentine Hall, without having an additional picture taken.

It is strongly recommended that the picture ID’s not have the bar code or social security numbers (used for making purchases) placed on them in case they are lost or stolen. The ID’s will have a picture and name on an Amherst College purple and white identification card.

The College ID should be worn at all times when the Physical Plant employee is on campus, including off-hour callbacks.

It is the responsibility of each supervisor to oversee the implementation and enforcement of this guideline. The Director of Facilities Planning and Management, the Assistant Director for Operations, the Environmental Health and Safety Committee, and the Amherst College Campus Police Department have implemented this program for reasons of personal safety.

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