Environmental Health & Safety

Audit Management Plan

January 2012


In accordance with Amherst College Plans, Policies and Standard Operating Guidelines, the Amherst College Environmental Health & Safety Committee and the Environmental Compliance Committee have instituted this Audit Management Plan.


The Audit Management Plan has been designed to provide the College with guidelines that shall be followed by the institution when an inspection is performed by an insurance company or regulatory agency such as the Federal Environmental Protection Agency, the Occupational Health & Safety Administration, the State Department of Environmental Protection, the Town of Amherst or other similar inspection service. The intent is to organize the most knowledgeable members of the campus community associated with type of inspection being performed to participate in the assessment process. The team members who have been previously identified can:
  • Assemble in a shorter period of time, minimizing waiting periods and lessening potential disruption of the campus
  • Better prepare for the inspection as it pertains to their specific area of expertise
  • Provide documentation and information that is most relevant to inspector or agent
  • Better address and, if need be, correct areas of concern or non-compliance.


The Amherst College Audit Management Plan shall apply to each department that could be involved in the inspection process. It specifically identifies the Director of Facilities Planning & Management, the Dean of Faculty, the Amherst College Treasurer, the Chemical Hygiene Officer, the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics, Psychology, Environmental Health & Safety, Fine Arts, Music and Dance Technical Support Staff, Special Services, and Custodial Services.
Director of Facilities Planning & Management 542-2202
Assistant to Director or Business Analyst 542-2202
Environmental Health & Safety 542-8189
Bowditch & Dewey 508-416-2403
Physical Plant Service Desk 542-2254
Amherst College Campus Police 542-2321
Treasurer's Office 542-2325
Dean of Faculty 542-2334
Special Services Supervisor 542-8169
Valentine Dining Services 542-2202 or 542-2221
Lord Jeffrey Inn 253-2576
Custodial Services Supervisor 542-2367
Public Affairs Director 542-2321
Keefe Health Center 542-2266 or 542-2267
Chemical Hygiene Office 542-2736 or 542-2342
Biology Department Curator 542-2087
Fine Arts Department 542-5784 or 542-2365
Theatre/Dance Technical Director 542-2202
Geology Department 542-2233
Physics Department 542-2251
Psychology Department 542-2217
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