Environmental Health & Safety

Manifest Management Policy

January 2010



This policy is prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency
(EPA) 40 CFR; the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) 310 CMR 30; and
the Amherst College Environmental Health and Safety Committee.


Amherst College is committed to providing safe storage and retrieval of important records Manifests
prepared for the shipment of hazardous waste are vital records requiring long term storage.


All departments and employees involved with hazardous waste management at Amherst College.

Hazardous Waste Manifest Preparation

Manifests are prepared by the responsible persons of the Main Accumulation Areas on Campus.
Manifests are prepared jointly with the contractor chosen to ship hazardous waste from this Campus.

Short Term Storage

The manifests, land disposal forms, and lab pack slips and /or profiles will be maintained in the
originator's files for one week.

Long Term Storage

After one week, the manifests, land disposal forms, and lab pack slips will be then forwarded to
the Chemical Hygiene Officer x2736 for long term storage. The Chemical Hygiene Officer will be
responsible for ensuring that the TSD returns the page 3 to the files and obtain the certificates of
Disposal when they are available but within one (1) year. The records will be stored in such a manner
that water or fire damage to the storage site, will not destroy the records.

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