Eye and Face Protection Program (Including Prescription Safety Eyewear)


Face Shield

                                                                                                                                                       April 2022 

Amherst College shall provide the appropriate type of eye and face protection to employees and students who are exposed to chemical, impact, laser and other potentially hazardous conditions that could result in an eye injury.

In accordance with requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the College shall provide ANSI approved eye-wear and face protection to employees and students who are, or could be exposed to eye injury as part of their work or class related activities.

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety offers a wide range of safety glasses, goggles and face shields for employees and students. Safety glasses come in a variety of styles for appearance, comfort and type of work, including shaded for outdoor activities.

Safety Glasses

In addition to the above protective eye-wear and face shields, Amherst College shall provide eligible employees and students with prescription safety glasses for work involving the potential for impact to the eye.  In order to obtain prescription safety glasses, the employee or student shall require a prescription for corrective lenses and must be authorized by the Office of Environmental Health & Safety or Human Resources to obtain some. 

 Prescription safety glasses like non-prescription safety glasses, must meet the requirements of the ANSI Standard Z87.1-2015, which requires the attachment of side-shields.
  • Although side-shields (brow-guards) can be detached from the prescription safety glasses frames, they are required to be in place on the frames whenever work involving potential impact or physical hazard is present.

Amherst College shall provide prescription safety glasses with side-shields including bifocals, trifocals and progressive lenses when prescribed by their eye care physician. The cost of the prescription safety glasses, meeting the requirements of the above, will be provided to the eligible employees and students. Any requested upgrades such as type of frames or shading shall be the financial responsibility of the employee or student.

After authorization by the Offices of Environmental Health & Safety and/or Human Resources, the eligible employee can request an appointment from any licensed eye care provider. All eye exams are at the employee's expense. 

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety will reimburse eligible employee's and students, depending on their assigned responsibilities and departmental approval, for prescription safety glasses up to $150.00. Please email the receipt of purchase to ehs@amherst.edu or provide the receipt of purchase through campus mail or in person to the Office of Environmental Health and Safety. 

It is recommended that prescriptions are checked yearly and that frames and lenses are evaluated every two years. All frames carry a one year warranty.