EHS training curricula are assigned by department. The classes that are assigned are dependant on the health and safety risks associated with the duties of that particular department. 

You are responsible for all of the classes that are assigned to you. Your curriculum is divided into the following two catagories.

  • Skills Based classes are hands on trainings that take place in a classroom with a qualified instructor, such as First Aid, CPR, or Fire Extinguisher Training. If you'd like to request a specific hands-on training, please reach out to 
  • Knowledge Based classes shall be taken on-line through the Online Training System (Traincaster). Employees are assigned the appropriate trainings for their departments and will recieve an automatic email from Traincaster with instructions to register and a link which brings you directly to the Traincaster site. If you are a student looking to take any of our available employee training, please reach out to 
  • Read and Sign training forms are listed below and are available to be read and signed by anyone affiliated with Amherst College.