Hot Work Inspection Form 

January 2012

In accordance with the requirements of the Massachusetts Fire Prevention Regulations 527 CMR 39 and OSHA 29 CFR 1910.252 a Hot Work Permit is required for the following activities: brazing, cutting, heating, soldering, welding or similar type work. The intent of this program is to prevent injury and loss of property from fire when using heat producing equipment such as heat guns, soldering tools, oxy-fuel gas and electric arc cutting and welding equipment.

Hot Work shall be permitted in approved areas and will be issued to both Amherst College personnel and outside contractors by the Amherst College Environmental Health and Safety office or a qualified Amherst College employee. On occasion, with the approval of Amherst College, a blanket permit can be granted for a long duration project and ongoing work such as at the Physical Plant Garage.


In order to obtain the necessary Hot Work Permit, the following shall be ensured;

  1. The area shall be inspected by EH&S or a qualified Amherst College employee
  2. The type of hot work must be approved for the project being performed
  3. Containers and/or pipes must be properly cleaned, purged and inspected by EH&S
  4. All combustible and flammable material shall be protected/relocated away from the Hot Work area
  5. Floor and wall openings (within 35’) shall be covered or sealed to prevent fire spread
  6. Fire detection and suppression equipment must remain operational at all times, unless otherwise protected or approved by Amherst College Physical Plant and the Campus Police
  7. Fire extinguishers of proper size and type shall be located within 25’ of the Hot Work area
  8. Hot Work equipment such as gas cylinders, hoses, leads and torches shall be properly maintained, secured, stored, transported and used at all times
  9. Proper personal protective equipment (i.e. clothing, face shields, goggles, gloves, head and foot protection) shall be worn, as required.
  10. Health and safety hazards such as asbestos, chemical/cleaner usage, confined space, electrical, fire, heat, respiratory, ventilation and other similar issues should be evaluated prior to Hot Work
  11. A fire watch (not less than ½ hour) shall be performed for each Hot Work Permit issued.
  12. Bags for smoke detectors shall be supplied and installed by the contractor when necessary
  13. Permanent or portable curtains and screens must be used if persons are or could be exposed to the direct or reflected radiation
  14. Exhaust ventilation has been provided or has been determined to be sufficient

Fire Watcher(s):

Amherst College may require a separate person to perform a fire watch.

  1. The fire watcher shall have the proper size and type (fully charged) fire extinguisher within 25’
  2. The fire watcher shall be properly trained in the proper use and limitations of the fire extinguisher
  3. The fire watcher shall be familiar with the proper procedures for activating the fire alarm and notification of the Amherst College Police and/or the Amherst Fire Department
  4. The fire watch shall be maintained for at least 1 hour after the Hot Work has been completed
    • ½ hour if approved by EH&S or a qualified Amherst College employee

Gas Storage and Transportation:

  1. All cylinders must be secured at all times by either an approved chain or strap
  2. All cylinders must have either a cap or regulator in place at all times
  3. All cylinders must be stored, transported and used in an upright position
  4. All cylinders and attached equipment must be free of damage and leaks
  5. All cylinders must be properly labeled

    For more information, contact the office of Environmental Health and Safety at 542-8189

Hot Works Evaluation